SKETS Training and Mentoring Program: A Series of Upskilling Initiatives

SKETS has grown at an exponential rate in recent years, necessitating process improvement and output augmentation. Several large-scale projects have been awarded to the company, with many still in the pipeline. Our processes are becoming more efficient and productive, complementing our year-on-year growth.

We have set up Training and Mentoring initiatives for new and existing employees across all our studios and divisions. Our top management’s duties grow in tandem with the company’s progress, and they have been doing a remarkable job.

To keep our level of productivity on par, team members are given customized training and preparation. The program upskills the employees by providing them with guidance in technical, and leadership communication skills. The training sessions are both internal and external in nature, to ensure that we equip our professionals with the highest level of proficiency in every aspect.

SKETS Training & Mentoring - Internal Training Program

When a project is awarded to SKETS, we assign a team who has already been fully acquainted with the software and processes. This team is adept enough to avoid any possible mark-ups and mistakes. This aids us in time management and human resource utilization.

In addition to technological growth, the training introduces our organizational system, methods, and culture. This is a step up from simply being there to monitor them. Before inducting our architects, designers, and 3D professionals into their respective teams, we first involve them in the Training and Mentoring Program. This has a clear reflection on how we accomplish the projects at hand.

Alongside initial training for new employees, SKETS has ongoing training in various software and technologies to upskill employees parallelly as the industry grows. SKETS experts are always equipped beforehand in skills that are needed to accomplish any project awarded to us.

Training covers technologies and skills in Project Management, Culture Code, AutoCAD, Lman, Sketchup, Culture Code, Mark-ups Coordination and many more. Just this year, more than 150 training sessions in 47 topics have been conducted at different levels to upskill and upgrade our teams.

As part of SKETS’ internal training program, consolidated training reports are organized and updated on ePlan’s Training Master. This constitutes a Training Tracking System to ensure that the data, participation and duration of all training sessions is available for evaluation.

Ms. Tanu Kashyap has managed the Training and Mentoring program exceptionally well, which is overseen by Ms. Pooja Rani. 

SKETS Training & Mentoring - External Training Program

SKETS places a strong emphasis on team cohesiveness and productivity. SKETS studio directors and management attend weekly full-day Leadership Skills training sessions. All senior members in leadership and management roles participate in the sessions hosted by Dr. Aarti Mehta Soni.

These sessions include many activities and conversations throughout the day. These are created to define important leadership duties and talents that all leaders must have in order to lead and manage a team of professionals effectively. This external workshop complements SKETS’ ongoing development program aimed at improving team management and developing future leaders.

Along with leadership training, SKETS also plans and schedules external training programs in various software and technologies. We regularly conduct training in Rhino, VRay, Sketchup and more, which are given by external trainers with expertise in advanced software processes.

This makes SKETS meet and surpass industry standards by having competent teams ready for taking on and executing large-scale projects in a wide array of technologies.

Internal productivity has increased considerably as a result of the Training and Mentoring Program. Our teams have produced a significant amount of linear output, resulting in more client satisfaction.

Teams at SKETS keep receiving appreciation emails from our clients for meeting deadlines and surpassing industry quality standards, indicating the success of our Training and Mentoring initiatives. SKETS has already crossed its 500+ employee mark and is on a trajectory towards reaching more milestones in the future. Our focus for next year will be on mega-scale architectural projects. With our increasing strength and proficiency, we are confident in being able to achieve these endeavors.

Established in 2005, SKETS Studio is a world leader in Design Documentation & BIM consultancy.