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At SKETS Studio, we prioritize clear values and effective communication to build a strong organizational culture. We promote collaboration, open communication, and teamwork in our leadership and management style, fostering a positive atmosphere. Working with us means continuous learning, personal development, exposure to new technology, global clients, and a fantastic environment. 


“The prime motivation for SKETS’ Architects is the opportunity to learn new technologies and exposure to international projects. SKETS hosts an atmosphere where an intermediate architect can reach the level of Senior Manager, within a few years, based on his/her capabilities, skills, and enthusiasm to grow.”

-Neeraj Bansal

Executive Director

Culture @ SKETS

We believe in creating an inclusive work environment. This helps us to establish a positive workplace where all the employees are valued, supported and nurtured irrespective of any factors like gender, race, religion, hierarchy, etc. This has led SKETS to be an organization where 53% of our senior management are women. SKETS’ aim is to create clear goals for the employees. The goals are positively reinforced, and achievements are recognized and celebrated. This leads to employees feeling valued which in turn creates a positive response in the workplace.

SKETS Events

Quizzes and Competitions in SKETS are intended to give each employee an opportunity to learn new technologies and have fun at the same time. The learning from these events is converted into manuals/guidebooks and further reinforced through in-house training.

Technical Event

Tech Events @ SKETS

Apart from Cultural events and yearly outings, SKETS hosts various in-house technical events such as SKETS SmarTech & SKETS SofTech wherein our architects compete against each other on the basis of technical competencies.

Fun Activities

Work @ SKETS

In SKETS studio we strive to establish clear ethos and values for the organization by having a set of clear organizational core values that are communicated effectively and discussed with the employees so that they feel part of it.

Festival Event

Exposure @ SKETS

The primary component of individual growth adobes in the fact that SKETS organizes various in-house training sessions, various team building trips and an atmosphere of team coalition so that no two studios remain isolated from one other.

The rigorous hiring process at SKETS

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SKETS welcomes all the talented and skilled Architects, Interior Designers, 3D Visualizers, Revit experts, and Engineers to partake in the rapidly growing organization with a global footprint. SKETS values and welcomes all applicants who would help SKETS in its aim of “Accelerating Growth Through Delivery Excellence”.

Established in 2005, SKETS Studio is a world leader in Design Documentation & BIM consultancy.

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Nimisha Bansal

Founder & CEO

Ms. Nimisha co-founded SKETS Studio in 2005 and has taken it from a small start up, to a name to reckon with in the Design Documentation space.

SKETS Studio is ranked as one the top firms worldwide providing Design Documentation services for Architectural and Interior Design firms globally. Prior to starting SKETS, she was heading the Global Solutions Design Group of a leading Information Technology firm.