SKETS Orientation Program: Getting Acquainted with Directors, Management, and The Company’s Vision

SKETS has been expanding its teams on a regular basis, owing to an abundance of projects that are being awarded to us every day. The strength of the company is therefore witnessing concurrent growth to take on newer challenges.

Although inductions are being held for all new joiners, they are often just a brief about the company policy, guidelines, and more. Hence, SKETS Studio organizes regular Orientation sessions for new members to acquaint them with the Board of Directors and senior management through informal interaction.

This not only helps the new joiners to align themselves with the company’s vision and mission but also to familiarize themselves with SKETS’ history, our current standing, and our prospects for the future.

Several orientations have already been conducted with many more on the way as we grow in strength. The SKETS Orientation session is typically divided into three phases.

In the first phase, our CEO Ms. Nimisha Bansal addresses the participants through a round of introduction to the Board of Directors and Studio Directors. During this, the studio directors introduce themselves and the studio they are heading, giving a brief of what their teams work on.

This is followed by the second phase with a quick Q&A session where Ms. Nimisha asks the participants general questions about SKETS to gather what they have understood so far about the company. Those who answer correctly then receive chocolates as a reward for being proactive. Once the Q&A is done, all participants introduce themselves to the Board of Directors with a few words about their academic and professional backgrounds.

After some icebreaker questions and interactions, the participants are invited to ask questions about SKETS and clear doubts if they have any, concluding phase two of the orientation and formally completing the session.

Phase three includes a snack break for refreshments where all participants can interact with each other and get familiar with their colleagues. After a quick photo session with the participants and directors, the Orientation finally comes to an end, leaving the new members with a sense of familiarity and the importance of their role at SKETS.

Testimonials of SKETS Studio Directors about the benefits of Orientation

“Usually after the induction, the new joiners are assigned to their teams and TLs where they begin working on projects. This process does not always leave them with the chance to interact with anyone but their immediate colleagues. This is where the Orientation Session proves helpful to acquaint the team members with other teams and our board of directors, helping them reach a comfort level”
Ms. Poonam Chaudhary
Studio Director of SKETS 3D Studio
“The Orientation session is a wonderful initiative that helps bring our teams together. Most of the time, there is a gap between the employees and the senior management that needs to be bridged for better communication and understanding.”
Ms. Anjana Bhandari
Studio Director of SKETS BIM Interiors
“Understanding the vision and mission of the company is essential for everyone who is a part of SKETS. And who better to help new members understand this than our Board of Directors? The Orientation Program instills a sense of belonging among employees and makes them feel more connected to the senior management and our open policy.”
Ms. Pooja Rani
Studio Director of SKETS Hospitality Studio

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