I foresee 2023 as a year of Consolidation – Neeraj Bansal, Executive Director of SKETS Studio

SKETS Studio - Executive Director

2022 was a good year for SKETS. We saw tremendous growth and maintained our focus on client relationships, productivity, quality, training, and mentoring. Our Hospitality BIM capability grew multi-fold. We improved our connect with clients by having regular conference calls. We strengthened our support functions to cater to our growth. We held regular social and fun events in the office thereby creating a vibrant working environment.

If 2022 was a year of expansion, I foresee 2023 as a year of consolidation. Due to the hardening of interest rates and the situation in Europe, growth would be slower in our target market. The number of projects would slow down, especially on the Architectural side, and acquiring new clients would be a lot more difficult. I believe that our hospitality and interior studios would keep growing since the hospitality industry should do well this year due to the revival of worldwide tourism including China and pent-up demand. Our clients would also face the dilemma of choosing between local hiring vs using extended teams and they would be wary of increasing their headcount in this uncertain business environment.

In 2023 we would continue to focus on the initiatives started in 2022. Some of the focus areas for this year would be to strengthen our MEP offering, productivity improvement using APIs and Dynamo scripts, grooming senior managers and managers, training and mentoring, further improvement in internal processes, and higher resource utilization.

SKETS Studio New Campus

Finally, we would have our new campus in place by March. This should bolster team bonding as we would be able to celebrate festivals and events together with more vigor. We continue to strive to improve overall client experience and clearly set ourselves apart through quality, innovation, and client satisfaction.

Established in 2005, SKETS Studio is a world leader in Design Documentation & BIM consultancy.