SKETS UDAAN 2023: Evolve, Elevate, Innovate

SKETS Studio celebrated its annual day, UDAAN 2023 at Jaypee Greens Golf & Spa Resort in Greater Noida. On November 25th, the entire team convened to commemorate ’18 years of Excellence’ and to acknowledge the milestones achieved in the past year. The event also served as a distinguished platform to honor individuals who have dedicated 10 and 15 years of service to the company, presenting them with well-deserved ‘Stalwarts Awards.’

The full-day event was in three segments, presentations, awards, and cultural performances. The event also held a soft launch of SKETSXR, a subsidiary of SKETS Studio focusing on Virtual Reality technology. The event commenced with presentations highlighting SKETS’ new campus infrastructure in ‘SKETS Elevate,’ showcasing milestones and accomplishments of individual studios in ‘Flying High Together.’ A corporate video, ‘SKETS Evolve,’ featured directors addressing the entire company, reflecting on the journey of the firm turning 18 this year. 

The presentations concluded with a heartwarming showcase of the impact created by SKETS’ Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) initiative at the SKETS Hope Centre. Attendees were moved by the stories of positive change, emphasizing the firm’s commitment to making a meaningful difference in the community.

The event was followed by the soft launch of SKETSXR, wherein the attendees were introduced with Sarasdrishti and the solution which the company aims to provide. In the keynote, Ms. Nimisha Bansal, CEO, of SKETS Studio, said “The technology is ever-changing and we are aiming to use VR to help students and working professionals alike”.

In the Award segment, one single person from each studio received “SKETS Accelerator award” and it was conferred to the most outstanding performer from each of the studios. The stalwarts who have completed 10 years and 15 years in SKETS were also presented with awards, facilitated by the founders and directors of the company. The awards were followed by group photos and snacks. 

The event continued with beautiful and marvelous cultural performances including solo raps, dances, duets etc. The architects, interior designers, 3D experts of SKETS showcased their talents and brought a lot of energy and passion on stage. UDAAN 2023 was concluded with a thank you note by Ms. Nimisha Bansal wishing everyone a great year of continued milestones ahead. The ending note was followed by Lunch and a DJ party.  

As the final curtain descended on UDAAN 2023, gratitude echoed through the air. Ms. Nimisha Bansal thanked the SKETS family for their dedication, turning the spotlight on collective achievements and the collaborative spirit that defined SKETS Studio.

The DJ party brought the festivities to a vibrant close, encapsulating the essence of UDAAN 2023—a celebration of professionalism, creativity, and a shared commitment to reaching new heights. With heartfelt thanks, attendees left with a sense of fulfilment and anticipation for the exciting journey ahead. UDAAN 2023 wasn’t just a celebration; it was a seed planted for a future brimming with possibilities and collaborative triumphs.

From the grand reveal of the new campus to celebrating individual studio achievements and reflecting on the corporate journey, the event painted a vibrant picture of SKETS’ present and future.

Established in 2005, SKETS Studio is a world leader in Design Documentation & BIM consultancy.