SKETS Studio's Insightful Experience at METAVSUMMIT 2024 in Dubai

SKETS Studio recently marked its presence at the METAVSUMMIT 2024 in Dubai, a prestigious two-day event gathering with industry experts and innovators. Held on January 10th, this specialized conference provided an exclusive platform for companies and investors to explore the potential of Augmented and Virtual Reality technologies.

Among the attendees were Ms. Poonam Chaudhry from SKETS Studio, Mr. Siddhant Bansal, Ms. Ashwani (co-founders of SKETS XR), and Mr. Soumya Darshan, collectively representing the studio’s interests and aspirations. SKETS’s primary objective was to participate in this international conference, fostering networking opportunities and gaining real-life exposure to the multifaceted applications of AR/VR across different domains. With a strategic vision in mind, SKETS Studio sought to explore the current landscape of AR/VR utilization in various industries, laying the groundwork for its expansion into these transformative technologies.

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The event featured a wide range of participants showcasing their innovative AR/VR solutions. From gaming applications to security solutions, and even a virtual designer clothing store, the diversity of offerings was truly impressive. At the summit, delegates from SKETS proactively interacted with other attendees. Immersing themselves in these exchanges, they aimed to glean invaluable insights. Throughout these conversations, they explored a variety of subjects, acquiring practical knowledge about the wide-ranging applications of AR/VR across global markets.

The success of SKETS Studio in the METAVSUMMIT 2024 surpassed expectations. The exposure to a multitude of AR/VR applications and the chance to interact with global participants were invaluable. SKETS Studio has been delivering immersive AR/VR experiences for our clients using Unreal Engine 5. Through this summit, the realization of the potential for AR/VR applications in the architecture, engineering, and construction (AEC) industry became apparent.

Our participation in METAVSUMMIT 2024 went beyond attendance—it was a strategic initiative to glean insights, foster relationships, and strengthen our presence in the dynamic world of AR/VR.

Established in 2005, SKETS Studio is a world leader in Design Documentation & BIM consultancy.