HR Policies and their role in SKETS’ Business goals - Driving Growth Forward

A successful business is one where people and ideas work with a united vision to deliver excellence. It stands on four pillars: Clients, Operations, Human Resources, and Finance. Being an architectural firm, onboarding new members for different verticals is a challenging task where it requires extensive planning. Mr. Neeraj Bansal, Executive Director of SKETS studio, is the one with the fair vision ensuring all departments in SKETS work as per the HR policies of the company. He believes, “When a firm grows, its people grow. The goal of a business is continued growth fostered through delivery excellence leading to client satisfaction and retention. This fundamental propels the growth of a business since a company that doesn’t grow becomes stale.”

Recognizing that no business operates in isolation, SKETS actively works on strategies incorporated by the upper management.  First and foremost are adhering to our core principles of delivery excellence, resulting in time and cost savings for our clients. Next, we prioritize quality checks to ensure that every project meets our high-quality standards. Lastly, we prioritize maintaining strong client relationships. The execution of these steps inspires continuous growth that ultimately leads to long-term success.

To forecast resource requirements, in-depth market research, and acute trend analysis are essential. This enables SKETS to stay abreast with emerging technologies.

How does HR policies play a significant role in SKETS’ ongoing success?

SKETS HR policies communicate a clear vision for the future, aligned with the firm’s growth and client needs. With a very stringent process in place, the talent acquisition team initiates job vacancies based on requirements and connects with team leads to ensure a good fit. Through strategic planning, HR crafts and executes programs aimed at acquiring and honing essential skills needed to deliver the projects.

With the help of effective training and mentoring programs, the talent development plan is executed seamlessly, nurturing the culture of continuous learning and improvement. Owing to the high employee retention level, the management becomes more efficient, as these individuals possess a deep understanding of the company’s operations and objectives, contributing to SKETS Studio’s success. SKETS actively scouts talent from various corners and onboards junior-level candidates, guaranteeing their growth both personally and professionally.

The HR policies has played a pivotal role in the success of the company, particularly in strategizing growth and talent retention within the company. SKETS Studio focuses on promoting internal employees to management roles and seldom hires higher-level positions. This strategy not only ensures a seamless transition but also cultivates a workforce deeply ingrained in the company’s culture, values, and mindset.

SKETS Training & Mentoring Department

SKETS has a dedicated training and mentoring department led by professionals who’ve been with the company for over a decade, bringing 20+ years of industry experience with them. This exposure to seasoned trainers with international backgrounds helps new employees learn and adapt to working with a global clientele. Existing staff also benefit from ongoing mentorship. After completing training, new hires are ready to work on projects meeting SKETS’ high-quality standards. There are multiple project management programs, ensuring that leadership skills are cultivated at early and mid-level managerial positions.

Building A Positive Workplace Culture

Creating a positive work culture holds significant importance for an expanding company, especially for SKETS Studio, where over 700 architects, interior designers, 3D experts, and engineers work within a unified environment. A positive environment boosts employee morale, and productivity while minimizing absenteeism resulting in low turnover rates. Furthermore, a positive culture not only benefits internally but also enhances customer satisfaction, reflecting positively on the organization. The way SKETS achieves a positive work environment is through – team bonding activities, awards, recognition, and acknowledgment of dedication and hard work also team outings and celebrations help to encourage a lively environment.

Central to creating this culture, fostering trust, respect, and inclusivity are foundational elements of a positive workplace. Such an atmosphere motivates employees to perform at their best, driving overall organizational success.

SKETS Planning Towards Organization’s Growth

Improving organizational performance requires a multifaceted approach that prioritizes both employee development and strategic planning. Our project managers (PMs) and studio directors (SDs) are committed to nurturing the growth and advancement of each employee within the company. With the addition of new clients and projects, our focus extends beyond the present moment to encompass a vision that spans the next decade.

As our company expands, we recognize the importance of aligning individual aspirations with the company’s trajectory. To facilitate this, we’ve implemented a structured mapping framework that outlines key performance indicators (KPIs), areas for improvement, and opportunities for skill enhancement, particularly in new tools and software.

This framework also emphasizes flexibility, client satisfaction, and effective project management. Expectations are clearly defined at each level, driving continuous improvement, and fostering a culture of accountability. Our resource chart illustrates a clear growth path from entry-level positions to the highest levels, providing employees with a roadmap for advancement and success. From junior architects to senior management, every individual is empowered to chart their path toward professional fulfillment and organizational excellence.

SKETS HR Believes in Growing Together and Becoming a Stalwart…

Through strategic hiring and development initiatives, the TA (Talent Acquisition) department ensures the acquisition of the right talent, and the HR policies foster internal growth by promoting existing employees and providing comprehensive training and mentoring programs. SKETS cultivates a positive work culture through various activities and recognition programs, boosting morale and productivity while enhancing customer satisfaction. Moreover, HR policies enforce various measures throughout the organization. SKETS, meticulously manages and mitigates risks, ensuring compliance with labor laws, conducting essential training like POSH, and safeguarding confidential information. The studio leaders take needed measures to improve organizational performance by aligning individual aspirations with the company’s goals, providing structured frameworks for skill enhancement, and fostering a culture of continuous improvement and accountability. Overall, the HR policies are one of the key factors in driving SKETS Studio’s ongoing success through its comprehensive and strategic approach to human capital management.

Established in 2005, SKETS Studio is a world leader in Design Documentation & BIM consultancy.