SKETS Conducts 3D VR Camp-1, An Immersive Unreal Engine Experience for All

SKETS’ 3D Visualization Studio has been creating and delivering ultra-realistic VR walkthrough packages in Unreal Engine 5 – a highly sought-after visualization option for clients. This has led to the team’s increased proficiency in developing immersive and interactive spaces for the client’s design.

To showcase the team’s capabilities, VR Camp-1 was organized on March 7 by the SKETS’ 3D Studio. This event was a part of Rangotsav 2023, a fest held at SKETS Studio in celebration of Holi. The camp was organized by the 3D Visualization team specializing in Unreal Engine renderings. All the configuration and equipment were set up at the 226 Head office. The desktop running walkthroughs on UE 5 was connected to an Oculus Meta Quest 2 VR Headset and two controllers – one for each hand. The display was projected onto a screen so that the real-time experience of the participating member is cast for everyone present at the venue waiting for their turn.

Team members across all studios were invited to the 226 Head Office and participate in the event to experience and be updated on what the 3D team has been producing and delivering to clients lately. Each studio was allotted a time slot to visit and partake in the event, one participant at a time for a specified duration.

To begin the walkthrough, the participant was equipped with the VR headset and controllers before starting the session. Once inside the design, the participant would be immersed in the space and walk around freely while interacting with a life-like environment. This enabled free-roam navigation with dynamic elements which could be modified in real-time. The participants were awestruck with the level of detailing and accessibility since it was the first interactive VR experience for many of them.

The event was also attended by Mr. Shamit Gupta, COO of SKETS Studio. In appreciation of the 3D visualization team’s efforts, the participants commended the team and shared their experiences in the feedback form. This event enabled members from every team to familiarize themselves better with the capabilities of SKETS’ 3D studio and the future of VR in ArchViz.

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