SKETS Studio Organizes its Grand Annual Day – Udaan 2022 at ITC Maurya, New Delhi

“When we started SKETS, we decided to focus on two values – quality and customer satisfaction. And I think these values are now ingrained in our culture. It is because of these values, and the hard work, dedication, and perseverance of each and every member of the SKETS family that SKETS is where it is today.”  

    -Nimisha Bansal – CEO, SKETS Studio

What constitutes the success of an event? While the venue and the ambiance are a major component of how a grand event catches the eyes, what makes it memorable are the people and the achievements being celebrated.

SKETS Studio, on September 24, organized the SKETS Udaan 2022 – our Annual Event to take pride in the company’s success thus far, celebrate the present, and look forward to a bright future. SKETS Udaan 2022 was attended by our distinguished Board of Directors, studio directors, and over 400 employees who had been looking forward to the event and preparing for weeks.

The celebration kicked off with a warm welcome by Ms. Anjana Bhandari, Studio Director of SKETS’ Hospitality Studio and our host for the day. She expressed how amazing it was to see everyone at SKETS come together to celebrate its achievements and milestones. This was followed by a welcome video crediting everyone who has been a part of SKETS’ journey and excellence. 

SKETS’ Journey– A Chronicle of Vision, Mission, and Excellence

After an energetic welcome, the audience witnessed through a video presentation the journey and evolution of SKETS over the years since its inception in 2005. While for several people it was a rather nostalgic experience full of cherished memories, for the newer members of SKETS it was an illuminating glimpse into how SKETS has evolved into an industry leader.

Our CEO, Ms. Nimisha Bansal, via an infographic presentation gave us a recap of how much SKETS Studio has grown in the last year, highlighting the areas that we have focused on and how we have celebrated 15-year anniversaries with several of our clients due to our consistency in delivery excellence.

This was followed by a note from our Executive Director, Mr. Neeraj Bansal who drew attention to the numerous internal initiatives SKETS has rolled out, such as the Mediclaim, Uber tie-up, internal & external training programs, the escalation matrix, and much more.

Further, with a video note befittingly titled – “The Magic of Consistency”, our COO Mr. Shamit Gupta talked about how through consistency and surpassing quality standards, SKETS Studio has expanded year on year. He also spoke about the success of our internal processes that have made us as efficient and outstanding as we are today.

Ms. Anjana then went on to invite Ms. Nimisha Bansal onto the stage to address the audience and share her thoughts on this spectacular occasion. Ms. Nimisha started by expressing that not only are we celebrating the 500 employees milestone, but also the 17th birthday of SKETS Studio. From a fledging company of 4 people to now being a global leader in hospitality, retail, and corporate interiors with over 500 people, she summarized the success of SKETS in two words – “Our Team”.

Ms. Nimisha’s keynote was followed by a presentation called SKETS Inspires where people from different teams and studios spoke about how SKETS Studio has inspired them. We got to see how SKETS has always focused on upskilling and growing individuals, inevitably leading to the phenomenal growth of the company.  She also mentioned the several philanthropic initiatives taken by the SKETS Hope Centre to uplift children and young women from impoverished families. The center has so far helped more than 1000 students by providing free-of-cost education and employable skills. She expressed her contentment in being able to give back to society and uplift those in need through the SKETS Hope Centre.

Award Ceremony – Stalwarts Club

As an acknowledgment of the people who have been a part of SKETS for over 10 years, our Head of Support Functions, Mr. Tarun facilitated the Stalwarts Club Award ceremony. To appreciate the diligence and commitment of those who have given 10 and 15 years respectively to SKETS, awards and certificates were individually presented by our Board of Directors.

Awardees for 10+ years: Asmita Pandey, Bhawna Gupta, Supriya Kumari, Gaurav Chauhan, Deep Chand Chauhan, Nikhil Aggarwal, Preeti Singh, Rashmi Thakur, and Om Prakash Mehra.

Awardees for 15+ years: Anil Sharma, Deenanath Sharma, and Sachin Gupta.

The Stalwarts Club Awards were then followed by the cake-cutting ceremony for which the awardees remained on the stage with our Board of Directors.

Cultural Event - SKETS Got Talent

It was now time for the event that so many participants had been awaiting for weeks. Ms. Anjana announced the Cultural Event, which was met by excitement and a loud cheer from the crowd. Rehearsals for dance and music had already been going on at the office for several days, so we knew that we were about to see some serious talent.

Here are all the performances from the SKETS Udaan 2022 – Cultural Event

The clapping and cheering barely stopped throughout the cultural event as we witnessed the hidden talents in so many of our colleagues for the first time. It was indeed an impressive spectacle.

After the cultural event followed by lunch, the event was now nearing its end. To conclude SKETS Udaan 2022, Ms. Nimisha Bansal addressed the audience with a keynote. She commended everyone for making this event a grand success and expressed appreciation to the Marketing Team, the Operations Team, and all the participants.

With the event formally completed, the dance floor was opened to everyone, ending the event on a lively and zestful note.

SKETS Udaan 2022 successfully recaptured and celebrated the legacy of SKETS and all our milestones so far that have made us worthy of Accelerating Growth Through Delivery Excellence.

Established in 2005, SKETS Studio is a world leader in Design Documentation & BIM consultancy.