How SKETS Became a Leader in Interior Design Documentation

SKETS Studio has been leading the Interior Design Documentation Industry for many years now. With many services under its umbrella, the firm has grown into a giant in its niche and continues to serve clients across the world. The exponential growth SKETS has witnessed over the years is due to certain factors which, as a business, established SKETS as a front-runner in the industry.

A clear Vision, Mission, and Adherence to Core Values

SKETS works under a clear motto, Accelerating Growth through Delivery Excellence. The vision of becoming the largest Integrated service provider; the mission of becoming the first company of choice and absolute adherence to quality standards have driven the founders and employees to work in one direction, leading to the growth of the company.

The Talent

SKETS realizes that one of the essential pillars of any organization is its talent pool. Ergo, we have been following a very stringent hiring policy from day one. While hiring, apart from technical competencies, SKETS always seek employees who are self-driven, realize the growth potential of their own career, and have a clear understanding of the career path they are going to take. This has led us to get the right succession pool for the firm. Since the firm provides ample growth, an abundance of opportunities, multiple international iconic projects to work on, and recognition through promotions; people stayed and kept on contributing to the growth of the firm.

Foresight in Technology

As one of the early adopters of BIM in South Asia, SKETS has been constantly upscaling itself in its technical offerings to meet and exceed any of our client’s future demands in terms of project delivery. The senior management keeps a tab on the new technologies and ensures the proper implementation and training for the same, even before the technology becomes dominant in the industry, case in point, is the Unreal Engine VR service package. There are multiple training modules in Revit, Vectorworks, Twinmotion, Rhino, etc. being delivered from various studios at any point of time throughout the year. The emphasis on software upskilling is such that there has been a training and mentoring department operating for years within the campus.

Quality and Trust of the Clients

SKETS promises quality, it delivers quality. The trust SKETS has built over the years is impeccable and has been recommended by our clients to future potential partners. SKETS maintains the business ethic and we never break NDAs, ever. This NDA always calls for sensitive protection of project data accessibility of information. It is rather safe to say that the data security measures are extreme in SKETS Studio.

The admiration for our adherence to the terms of the project is highly complimented resulting in a 100% client retention rate. To summarize, the quality of the delivery and the business ethics SKETS has followed since inception is the reason for our growth as the trusted company for Interiors Documentation Services in BIM and CAD.

Established in 2005, SKETS Studio is a world leader in Design Documentation & BIM consultancy.