Rangotsav 2023 – A Holi Celebration of Talent, Artfulness, and Teamwork

Holi is the Indian festival of colors and is celebrated across all states in India in their respective grand fashion. Typically, a blend of colors, water, sweets, and quality time with family & friends is a major part of celebrating the festival. 

SKETS Studio celebrates the festivals with its teams coming together through events and activities in the spirit of the fest. Rangotsav 2023 was the name of the Holi fest held at the SKETS campus. The fest was held at SKETS in high spirits with numerous members across the company teaming up for competitions and events such as the ArtAthon competitions and the 3D VR Camp.

The ArtAthon was a major event of this year’s Holi fest. This event comprised two competitions – graffiti/wall art and sketching/painting competitions respectively. In the Graffiti competition, teams from all studios were invited to submit digital copies of their proposed designs for wall art and graffiti. With so many creative designs coming in, nine teams were finally shortlisted to recreate their designs on walls using paints, colors, sketches, spray paints, and other materials. The teams were assigned walls to showcase their creativity on. Without a doubt, we got to witness some remarkably amazing talent in the form of wall art. Each design has its own meaning and symbolizes the journey and excellence of SKETS through various representations. Making the office much more colorful, the graffiti designs were aligned with how SKETS has inspired the team members and has created an atmosphere where everyone can grow professionally, personally, and creatively.

This wasn’t the only event on the artistic front during SKETS Rangotsav 2023. The Sketching/Painting competition during the fest was another highlight. Many amazing sketches and paintings were submitted to be displayed at the 226-office driveway. This was just another reminder of how skilled and talented the professionals at SKETS are when it comes to such fests and activities. The Sketching/Painting competition was a round-the-clock event, and the participants were given only 24 hours to submit their designs. Within a day, the architects and interior designers were able to produce such amazing art pieces that the audience was awestruck. They took the time and extended their heart to the art, all while working on their deadlines.

It was not all art and craft going around the office. The teams at the 418 Office also played Holi in the garden on a day before the declaration of the prizes within the office premises. The celebration came to a finish with clothes drenched in vibrant colors and festive enthusiasm.

Another popular event during the Holi fest was the VR Camp-1 set up by SKETS’ 3D Studio at the 226 Office on March 7th. The camp invited all studios across SKETS to visit and experience immersion into Unreal Engine VR renderings created by the 3D team. Everyone who got the opportunity to experience the walkthrough was awestruck by the level of immersion and realism in the designs.

The Board of Directors visited the Head Office and walked through the premises observing the different wall art and graffiti. All the teams were rewarded with prizes for their creativity and the way they were able to channel it. Rangotsav 2023 concluded with the prize distribution ceremony and closing remarks by Ms. Nimisha Bansal wishing everyone a happy and colorful Holi. A beautiful Holi celebration was then held at the office premises with colors and dance before employees left to enjoy the festival with their families at home.

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