Why SKETS Studio’s Mesmerizing Unreal Engine Walkthroughs Became a Go-to ArchViz Package for Clients

Unreal Engine rose to prominence over the last decade for its captivating realism in video game graphics. While being primarily developed for PC games, an array of industries have now adopted the engine for professional use in their respective domains.

Among these, the ArchViz industry is one of the largest sectors employing Unreal Engine for 3D visualization of architectural projects. SKETS Studio is one of the early adopters of the engine and now has a team of experts who specialize in delivering stunning VR and walkthrough packages made in Unreal Engine 5.

Immersion and Photorealism with SKETS Studio’s Unreal Engine VR ArchViz packages

SKETS Studio’s 3D team excels in hyper-realistic renderings, VR walkthroughs, 360 panoramic views, flythroughs, still renderings, and 3D asset creation.

The studio has specialized teams for different technology & software, and collaborates with over 550 architects & interior designers at SKETS to create mesmerizing and architecturally precise ArchViz renderings.

SKETS’ 3D team leverages the strengths of different tools to offer clients a realistic and interactive experience of their design.

The ArchViz packages incorporate video walkthroughs, interactive walkthroughs, and VR walkthroughs. The team also houses dedicated programmers who are proficient in importing and exporting Unreal Engine data and the compatibility of the scripts across other platforms like 3ds Max and Sketchup. 

Interactive VR Based walkthroughs are a standout feature of SKETS Studio’s ArchViz offerings – where the client can interact with the design’s components in real-time while moving freely within the space.

How Unreal Engine makes all the difference

The equipment and system requirements of ArchViz technologies have always been on the higher end. While the 3ds Max renderings have been used for architectural visualization, Unreal Engine became a game-changer as a real-time render engine since its arrival in 3D Visualization.

With Unreal Engine 5, the delivery time for rendering ArchViz designs has been reduced greatly, ultimately enabling SKETS to deliver the projects within a short TAT (turnaround time). This has eliminated the need to wait for each alteration or change in the design to render. Not only this. With UE VR, SKETS Studio is able to give its clients an accurate look and feel of their design through stunning visuals.

UE has a number of essential tools designed for architects and designers to construct immersive environments from the ground up. These have made Unreal Engine a key component in ArchViz.

Clients have been thoroughly in awe of SKETS’ VR packages and have been preferring the UE VR walkthrough packages to showcase them to their teams or stakeholders.

Although Unreal Engine requires a powerful system configuration to run smoothly, it saves hours of rendering time and resources. It is also becoming increasingly optimized with every update. 

Unreal Engine has been welcomed by the ArchViz industry and is here to stay. It would simplify the process of importing high-fidelity project information from a variety of 3D tools, allowing visualizers to begin building immersive experiences immediately.

SKETS is adapting to the developments UE is making within the ArchViz domain and strives to deliver unmatched visualization services that are immersive, realistic, and architecturally precise at the same time.

Established in 2005, SKETS Studio is a world leader in Design Documentation & BIM consultancy.