How to make the most of SKETS’ SHRMS portal

A Human Resources Management System, or HRMS, is a collection of software programs used to manage human resources and related procedures across the employee’s tenure. As major businesses grow, streamlining and mandating well-defined processes becomes a necessity.

Among these fundamentals is the organized and integrated employment information of all the employees on the company’s payroll on a dedicated portal, such as SKETS Studio’s SHRMS. This effectively saves the company hours of manual effort and resources.

There are many issues that develop when there is no formalized HR process. Many of these include time-consuming repetitious tasks and approaching HR for various queries.

Manually managing this data presents a higher probability of human error and a lack of transparency about accurate information. Employees often have queries and requirements that call for the formalization of several processes.

What is SKETS Human Resource Management System?

SKETS has been updating and improving upon its processes as it grows into a firm of 625+ employee strength. Following suit, SKETS has made its HR processes available on the dedicated SHRMS portal via the web application and mobile app.

The SHRMS portal comprises the employee’s investment information and personal data. Along with being able to obtain monthly pay slips and view the monthly & annual salary break-up, the portal also enables the employees to calculate their income tax. An employee can submit proof of investment and declare their investments using the portal. The Form 16 can also be easily accessed on the portal; anytime, anywhere.

Here are some features of the HRMS that greatly benefit the HR department and employees alike –

  • Income Tax Calculator: Allows the employee to use a simple online tool, you may calculate your taxes based on your income as per the provisions of the Income Tax Act.
  • Form 16: Employees can access Form 16, which includes all information pertaining to the pay provided to the employee by the company or employer during a specific fiscal year, as well as the income tax that the payer withheld from the employee’s pay.
  • Monthly & Annual CTC Break-Up: Offers a detailed breakdown of the standard salary structure.
  • Monthly Payslip: The monthly pay slip is an employee’s receipt that includes the gross monthly salary and the net take-home pay and deductions.
  • Proof of Investment: The employees can also submit the investment proof i.e., a declaration of deductions and exemptions that they want to claim.

Other important components of the SHRMS portal include employment info such as the designation, department, important dates, and identification of the employee.

How to log in to the SHRMS Portal?

The employees may follow a few steps if they wish to log in to the portal.

When logging in for the first time to access the portal, here is the process that must be followed –

Step 1 – On your internet browser, visit

Step 2 – Navigate to the Login tab and enter your login credentials.

Step 3 – For mobile devices, download the HR Pearls app from the Google Play Store or Appstore and enter the domain address

Step 4 – Login with the credentials to the app and select SKETS as your company name. Click enter and you will be directed to your respective employee information.

How the SHRMS has simplified SKETS’ Internal Finance and HR-related processes

SHRMS has provided an expedient method of accessing information that previously required a manual visit or email to the HR or finance departments by the employee.

The procedure is straightforward & simple to follow and augments the ease of access to make HR processes seamless and time efficient. The HRMS acts as a compendium of employment details and company policies. Since the portal is purely online, the issue with availability is eliminated with 24×7 access.  

SKETS Studio has witnessed immense growth in terms of scale & size, with a current strength of over 625+ employees. This growth has warranted the formalization of processes that complements our expansion and streamlines internal operations as we grow. SHRMS is one such process along with many such parallel initiatives set up across the company.

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