How SKETS Studio Manages to Maintain a Near-100% Client Retention Rate

For 17 years since our inception in 2005, SKETS Studio has held on strong to its core values and standards. This has been possible with our consistency in always making sure that we deliver to our very best abilities. With more than 100 clients across 32 countries, SKETS has brought itself to where it is today by building on a very steadfast foundation of excellence, quality, timely delivery, and trust. 

We have always believed that our client’s success comes first and is ultimately what leads to ours. When we take up a project, we do not just think about the scope that we have. It’s about ensuring that the project is successful even if it means going out of our way to make it perfect. The focus is not limited to the completion of our work on time, it is on the client’s perspective and satisfaction.


Aside from just completing a project, we also offer suggestions when we feel that there is a better way of accomplishing something. If we anticipate that we need to go beyond our scope, we never hesitate in doing so. At the end of the day, the client’s feedback and contentment are what matters to us. The horizon that we look at is that of a long-term relationship, instead of just one project.

Moreover, transparency is another quality that sets us apart and strengthens our clients’ trust. Say we are working on a project for one of our clients, and we complete it sooner than we estimated. In such a scenario, we let the client know that the project has been completed already. This would mean that depending on the contract, we would only quote for the time it actually took to accomplish the project. If ever we feel that we are not able to deliver a project in its entirety as per our usual quality standards by the deadline, we intimate the client about that as well. Our clients appreciate that we work on the principle of transparency. 

All our clients have a clear picture of our capabilities in different software and technology. Every process in SKETS’ operational model complements our focus on client retention as soon as we get in touch with a client. This is reflected in our reputation for excellence when our clients come across or collaborate with each other. They often introduce SKETS as their one-stop solution for most of their projects. They talk about the incredible work relationship they have had with us and their confidence in our capabilities. They know that when they engage SKETS in a project, it’s going to predetermine the project’s inevitable success.

Whenever designers among our clients move from one organization to the other, they also recommend SKETS for projects. This not only improves their standing within their firm or company but also makes SKETS an industry standard through word of mouth. 

This constitutes the core motto behind SKETS’ philosophy and is also the reason why SKETS has been able to and hopes to always retain nearly 100% of its clients. 

Established in 2005, SKETS Studio is a world leader in Design Documentation & BIM consultancy.

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Nimisha Bansal

Founder & CEO

Ms. Nimisha co-founded SKETS Studio in 2005 and has taken it from a small start up, to a name to reckon with in the Design Documentation space.

SKETS Studio is ranked as one the top firms worldwide providing Design Documentation services for Architectural and Interior Design firms globally. Prior to starting SKETS, she was heading the Global Solutions Design Group of a leading Information Technology firm.