Category: Newsletter 2024

  • Ascension XXI

    Ascension XXI

    SKETS was invited to the MicroGenesis event to discuss the future of the AEC industry. Discover insights from the Autodesk ‘Workshop XR’ held at our studio. Learn about our work with 100+ big hypermarkets, focusing on client relationships and cutting-edge technology. We drive success through a technology-driven approach.

  • Ascension XX

    Ascension XX

    The Architecture BIM and Hospitality CAD teams onboarded new clients and received appreciation from existing ones. Both studios tackled complex projects with unique approaches. The firm launched a health program benefiting employees. Ms. Nimisha Bansal will be a panelist at the upcoming MicroGenesis event.

  • Ascension XIX

    Ascension XIX

    Our Hospitality CAD Studio receives client appreciation for its exceptional service. The MEPF Studio designs a high-rise commercial building in the U.S., demonstrating our expertise. The Retail CAD team maintains quality and ensures client retention in every detail. At SKETS, excellence is our standard & client retention is our USP.

  • Ascension XVIII

    Ascension XVIII

    Discover the exceptional work of SKETS 3D Archviz Studio and its impact. Our Architecture Team excels in project delivery and client satisfaction. Meanwhile, our Retail Studio celebrates 100% client retention and embraces new opportunities. At SKETS, we’re redefining design with excellence and innovation.

  • Ascension XVII

    Ascension XVII

    Welcome to the year ahead at SKETS Studio, where strategic growth and excellence await. As we embark on this journey, anticipate the addition of new clients and the implementation of dynamic training initiatives. Stay tuned as we continue to push boundaries and set new standards in design innovation.

Nimisha Bansal

Founder & CEO

Ms. Nimisha co-founded SKETS Studio in 2005 and has taken it from a small start up, to a name to reckon with in the Design Documentation space.

SKETS Studio is ranked as one the top firms worldwide providing Design Documentation services for Architectural and Interior Design firms globally. Prior to starting SKETS, she was heading the Global Solutions Design Group of a leading Information Technology firm.